A family that drinks water together, gets healthy together.

Best Ways to Get Kids to Drink More Water

Do you struggle to get your children to drink the amount of water their bodies need?  This used…

Do you struggle to get your children to drink the amount of water their bodies need? 

This used to be a CONSTANT battle in my home as well. 

But not anymore! Check out these tips on how to get your kids drinking more water. Once I started using these tips, the battle over water completely disappeared.

Top Tips to Help Kids Drink More Water: 

  1. Take water with you everywhere you go. 

Not only will this save you money (and keep you healthier) since you won’t be running through a drive through to pick up a soda, but it will also keep hydration at top of mind. 

  1. Use a fun cup. 

There’s just something about a fun cup that makes drinking water so much easier. Consider a small cup for your child as it will fit their hands better.  

  1. Use a straw. 

In my experience (and in the families I work with), drinking water from a straw = more water consumed. 

  1. Add fresh fruit or veggies like strawberries, lemon, or cucumbers. 

One of the reasons many of our kids don’t drink water is because of its bland taste. Add fresh fruit to give it a splash of flavor. You could even freeze these fruits in ice cube trays to add to your glasses. 

  1. Buy tiny cups or bottles. 

Not only do these smaller cups fit a child’s hands better, but also they’re just fun!

  1. Consider a reward system. 

When your child reaches a certain goal, they get a sticker. So many stickers = a reward. 

  1. Set a good example. 

Our kids aren’t going to want water if we are constantly downing soda or coffee. They will most likely follow the example we set for them. 

  1. Don’t drink other things. 

Your child really doesn’t need any other type of drink. They don’t need milk or fruit juice. There are other ways to get the nutrients that milk provides, and fruit is often chock full of sugar. It’s much better to get the nutrients from fresh fruit instead of fruit juice. 

Stick with water or smoothies for your child’s beverage, and they are sure to drink more water because they won’t be full on other drinks.

Do you have any more tips you have found to be successful? Share them in the comments so we can all learn from one another!


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