Coconut Oil for Neurodevelopmental Disorders in Kids: A Healing Potion

As parents, you all must be as concerned as I am for my child’s brain development.  I have…

As parents, you all must be as concerned as I am for my child’s brain development.  I have been researching a lot lately on foods that can help to boost neurological development, and potentially heal symptoms of ADHD disorders in children.  One super food that I found to be an all-rounder in this scenario was coconut oil!

Coconut oil and natural healing for ADHDIt is quite exotic in the western world, but thankfully, almost everyone in the world can benefit from the wonders of coconut oil, especially when it comes to their kids!

Coconut oil has been used for centuries as a nourishing agent; whether it’s used on skin, hair, or in food. It is known as the elixir of life in some parts of the world. But many people are still unaware that it’s a potion for their brain growth too.

I have put a lot of effort in including coconut oil in my family’s daily diet. And I did this especially for my kids!

Your brain is hungry for healthy dietary fats. Some people argue that coconut oil increases your cholesterol, but believe me, cholesterol is good for your kid’s brain development!

The oil has MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides).  Your kid’s metabolism would break down these fats into ketones, which would act as a power fuel for your kid’s brain cells. This power fuel would make your kid’s brain function better and soothe symptoms of ADHD in your child.  Brain cells rely mostly on glucose for energy, and if your child’s body runs out of glucose, coconut oil will ensure that it has a back-up plan. Your kid’s metabolism would convert MCTs into ketones, which act as extra fuel to supply energy to the brain.

For all these reasons, coconut oil is extremely beneficial for your kid’s neurodevelopmental disorders.  It is scientifically proven to improve memory, as well as heal symptoms of ADHD in your kids.

Coconut oil and healing for anxiety in kids

I have seen coconut oil working amazingly in my kid’s favor. I couple it up with fish, mostly tuna and salmon, to give my kid a boost of omega-3 as well. I can vouch for the taste that it brings to my kid’s meal.  My kid loves the smell of fried fish as it sizzles in coconut oil and ask me for it at least thrice every week.  Both are a perfect combination when it comes to taste, as well as nutritional value.  I saw dramatic improvements in my kid’s ADHD symptoms within a week of sticking to this dynamic diet plan.

Coconut oil helps kids focus and concentrate for longer. It helps reduce symptoms of ADHD as it kills brain fog, and calms the brain. This calming factor helps in fighting with anxiety. You would not find your kids anxious and hyperactive if you give them 1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil daily.  I prefer to use it in my cooking, and sometimes even add a few teaspoons to my son’s strawberry smoothies. My favorite brand is Nutiva Coconut Oil in the 1 Gallon tub here>> or a 15 oz jar here>>.

Coconut oil is a miracle potion that helps improve cognition. It repairs damaged brain cells, nourishes the brain, and facilitates proper functioning of neurotransmitters. I have seen it doing wonders in my kid’s case. If your kid is showing symptoms of ADHD, then coconut oil is a wonderful solution that deserves your attention!


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