Bento Lunch Box for a Child with ADHD

School Lunches for a Child with ADHD

For years, school lunches were the bane of my existence! Every morning (or the night before if I…

For years, school lunches were the bane of my existence! Every morning (or the night before if I was really on top of things), I scrambled to find healthy options for my son’s lunch box that he wouldn’t just toss into the trash. 

The problem, though, was that my son was picky. He didn’t like the healthy foods I was packing for him! And I knew I couldn’t continue feeding him Lunchables if I wanted to help heal his gut. 

Maybe you’ve felt the same way. 

Maybe you’ve wondered what you could possibly fill your child’s lunch box with that was quick, easy to prepare, AND that he would actually eat.  

Enter the bento box.


When I first heard about bento boxes, I was blown away! They are a great way to give your child a variety of healthy options for lunch. 

Simply choose one or two items per category, and lunch is done! 

For example, for the protein category, you could choose nitrate-free lunch meat or meatballs or a hard-boiled egg or a piece of grilled chicken. For carbs, you could choose gluten-free pretzels or sweet potato fries, or even a pancake. For fruit, choose strawberries or a banana or raisins. For veggies, choose carrots or red peppers. You get the idea. 

School lunches became so much easier to pack once I started using the bento box. 


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